About Me

After 13 years of working in IT for a Fortune 500 company in central Ohio I took a risk and quit my day job as a web design team manager to focus on raising my family full-time. It was a scary decision at the time but when I look back now I could never imagine not being home with my kids.

I still design websites, only now I do it from home after the kiddos are fast asleep. You can see the websites I've designed with my husband (and developer extraordinare) at root: Web Solutions.com.

Why Mandalas?

I was introduced to mandalas (waaaay) back in my college years in Chinese Religion and Art History courses. I thought they were interesting not only for their repetitive patterns (I've always loved drawing patterns) but for what they represented - a spiritual journey of awakening.

Anytime I'd have a pen and paper in reach and some downtime (on hold on the phone, boring corporate meetings, etc.) I would drawpatterns. Drawing repetive strokes is sort of like mental meditation for me. I can just zone out and draw.

I recently started drawing mandalas in my sketch book and thought they would make cool greeting cards. But it wasn't until I wanted to find a way to give back that NoteWorthy Card Company was created.

Giving Back

Since the beginning I've had two goals - to do something that inspires others and to give back. My first opportunity to give back presented itself with designing and helping to develop the fightlikeadozer.org website. Fight Like a Dozer is a wonderful charity that benefits children with cancer and their families. It was started by a good friend and my husband and I continue to be very involved with the organization.

A second opportunity arose when I learned that 3 of my daughter's elementary school teachers have been diagnosed with different types of cancers I asked the PTO president if we might be able to raise money with a greeting card. Within a few days I'd completed my "HOPEing to Knock Out Cancer" card. 100% of the proceeds will benefit our teachers at Indian Springs elementary school.

I'm hoping to design a third, unique card for my daughter's high school music program, Liberty Music Boosters. She loves music so much and devotes so much time to learning multiple instruments, participating in marching band, winterline, concert band and women's chorus. So, stay tuned (bad pun).


Me and 2/3 of my kiddos